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Micki takes yet another self portrait

Micki Myers is a writer and artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.

But wait! There's more! 

She grew up in an English farm house without electricity or gas or running water or a telephone or an address, so in lieu of watching TV she spent her time with her brothers making mud pies, setting fires in wheat fields, growing vegetables, picking berries, cooking things, reading, and listening to a battery-powered radio.

Can you spot me? Can you spot anything? 

When she was 21 she decided to see what America was all about so arrived with a backpack and not much else and has been there ever since. After pursuing graphic design at Central St. Martin's School of Art and Design in London, she decided to follow her dreams of becoming a poet, which pays even less than being a starving artist. Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Pittsburgh provided her with a handful of degrees towards that end, and her first book, Trigger Finger, won the Pearl Poetry Prize.

Kick-ass poetry about shooting things. Buy it now! 

Her second book, It's Probably Nothing... is a breast cancer memoir in poetry. (I know, right?)

Kick-ass poetry about cancer! Buy it now! 

She has taught writing and literature for 20 years, and published hundreds of poems that have generally been about disasters. For three years she completely re-wrote Scott of the Antarctic's Journal as Scott's Last Blog, recreating one of the most unpleasantly slow and torturous deaths in history.

Robert Falcon Scott, handsome tragic hero

Micki likes to paint realistic pictures of fruit and vegetables, which can be purchased as prints from her Etsy shop,  MickiMyersOriginals.

Micki has a useless and unwieldy book collection which features far too many silly tomes, including the nastiest cookbooks money can't buy (she gets many of them for free at the library dump box). Most of the books she likes are things normal people can't wait to get rid of. In the summer of 2011 she started Yuckylicious as a way to share the horror and write about bad cookbook aesthetics.

She has no pets but does love to wear this hat which looks completely ridiculous in the middle of a city. She doesn't care.

Hat hand-shaped by a chap named Duane

Micki can be found at her website, and on etsy at MickiMyersOriginals.

Contact Micki by email at mickimyers(at) gmail(dot) com. Or Click HERE.

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