About Yuckylicious

Most cookbooks today are beautiful; they present delicious food deliciously, benefitting from the best design and professional food styling available. A good cookbook stimulates the appetite and imagination while providing instruction that makes sense.

This was not always the case, however. History is littered with the glossy, faded and sometimes moldy carcasses of cookbooks which do just the opposite. They feature terrible recipes or promote disastrous food fads, provide complicated or inexplicable instructions, and illustrate the food with revolting photographs.

Yuckylicious seeks to showcase examples of these awful cookbooks as well as recipes from decent vintage and classic cookbooks for dishes we no longer eat. Each entry serves as a catalyst for a commentary on what makes it so awful, either directly or indirectly. While some posts are straightforward accounts of the history of a dish, ingredient or language, others are literary parodies. At Yuckylicious, no element goes unexamined.

For an item to be featured it must come from a real cookbook that meant well; it cannot be a gimmick or deliberately present horrid recipes. Yuckylicious welcomes reader submissions; if you have a particularly Yuckylicious recipe or picture, please submit it HERE
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