Thursday, February 9, 2012

What a Douchebag

Let’s not pretend what “french fries” stand for here.

If you want your husband’s french fry to stand upright, be sure your basket isn’t too “greasy.” Be sure your chicken is up to snuff too. He’ll find it tasty. Maybe you’ll also find it tasty should you have the opportunity to find out. I’m sure your husband will want to watch. Perhaps he has something “all-vegetable” in mind. Look: in that last photo he’s showing you exactly what he has in mind for dessert!

Somewhere, the person who designed this ad is still doubled over with a hand clamped tight over their mouth in disbelief they actually ran it.

Crisco not only has no cholesterol — it has no shame.


  1. I can't believe you don't get more comments. Your writing is great (great humor) and I'm not ever interested in cooking. I just happened to come across your site from a Google search on Queen Elizabeth I (after a debate about whether she had smallpox scars -- funny how search engines work.)

    I've forwarded your URL to two friends who are interested in cooking and think they'll enjoy your posts. Nice parodies of Carver and Hemingway too. You've obviously go plenty of talent in lots of areas.

  2. See, the french fry's performance anxiety is actually YOUR fault!


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