Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brain Cakes

Mrs. Patmore: Daisy, have you washed the brains?

Daisy: Yes, Mrs. Patmore.

Ethel: There’s no way I’m eating Brain Cakes for my supper. What are they having upstairs?

O’Brien: Never you mind.

Branson: They should eat Brain Cakes just like us.

Mrs. Hughes: Well I never!

O’Brien: What’s he doing in here anyway?

Carson: He has as much right to sit at this table as you do. It is wartime. We all have to make adjustments, however painful.

Ethel: I’d rather starve.

O’Brien: It can be arranged. Can’t it Thomas?

Thomas: Perhaps. Fancy a smoke?

O’Brien: Thought you’d never ask.

Daisy: Mrs. Patmore, will eating brains make me cleverer?

Mrs. Patmore: Yes Daisy. Yes it will.

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