Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frosting The Snowman

Originally, the studio wanted Veronica, Estelle and Nedra to sing “Chapel of Love” in elaborate wedding dresses for their first appearance on national television, but after rehearsals, the girls complained that their dresses appeared to be melting under the lights. In between takes, they started singing "Frosty the Snowman" as a joke, changing the word to "Frosting" and pretending to scoop up handfuls of chiffon from their voluminous skirts and smear them into their mouths. 

Instead, they opted for the hip black outfits they arrived in, paired with the wedding shoes. They sang “Be My Baby”and "Shout" in front of a live audience which nearly deafened them with screaming, as was all the rage in 1963. The backing dancers, who were set to perform in long skirts as schoolgirl bridesmaids, would clearly have looked out of place, so they ditched their skirts altogether. (False)

Phil Spector refused to allow the Ronettes to release “Chapel of Love,” paving the way for the Dixie Cups to have a hit with it instead. (True)

Easy Cake Decorating Cookbook, Mildred Brand, 1980

Also from this book: Stop Clowning Around, The Ephemeral Gladys LeBlancThomas Kincade: Painter of Cakes

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