Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burned At The Stake

While the astute observer of this photograph might be temporarily startled by the drama provided by the inexplicable flambé — kebabs not normally associated with being set aflame intentionally — and then astonished by the elaborate ram’s head skewer which, when used to serve lamb kebabs is a tad macabre, the more practical-minded reader will notice both the eponymous use of parsley as a garnish, and the extraordinary feat of making the skewer stand upright on a shallow metal dish.

Into what is this speared? What lies beneath the innocent rice — or has the rice been glued into some concoction solid enough to support it? Has a hole been made in the plate, so that the pointed end pokes right through?

Either way, it ought to be called “Burned at the Stake,” or else whoever’s behind this bit of absurdist food styling theater is wasting a glorious opportunity.

Yogurt Cookery, Sophie Kay, 1978

Also from this book: Yogo-Cheese
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