Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Little Piggy . . .

What’s mildly disturbing about this recipe isn’t the graphic goriness of it — putting the piglet’s tail in it’s mouth; boiling it partway then flaying and quartering it — but that all the way through the process it has a pronoun: he. This poor piglet seems to be cooked alive.

 Cooks and Confectioner’s Dictionary, John Nott, 1723


  1. To be honest, the 'F's' and the 'S's' being written as they are disturbs me more than anything. Sounds like they really hate pigs, pmsl! It seems cruel to cook it, but to insult it so badly is doubly terrible. Sorry, I think my sense of humour is broken. Loving your blog posts! Do you take submission photos? I have a pizza cook book with some gems in it. :O)

    1. Yes, the S and F issue with this one is particularly noticeable. Glad you like the blog! Yes - submissions are very welcome! Just submit scan and title page info (book, author, publisher, year) to micki(at)yuckylicious(dot)com.


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