Monday, July 2, 2012

Pink Nut Kisses

Is your marriage suffering from the blahs? 

Has it been forever since your husband noticed you? 

Do you have a boyfriend who seems unable or unwilling to commit? 

Perhaps you’ve had a blazing row about politics or money and need to find a way to make up without having to surrender your position, or have been harboring a simmering resentment for decades that just needs to be quenched. 

Maybe your anniversary is fast approaching and you’d like to do something special this year so that you have the upper hand if he forgets. 

It could be that you need to break some joyful news about an unexpected pregnancy and have been putting it off and putting it off until he’s made subtle suggestions you go on a diet. 

Sometimes, accidents happen, and priceless, irreplaceable heirlooms get broken, misplaced, or accidentally donated to the Salvation Army and it’s about time you came clean. 
Ditto, beloved pets. 

It’s entirely possible that in a drunken stupor you mistakenly re-negged on your vows with an acquaintance of his, or even his brother, and must disclose this before someone else finds out. 

Or it could be that in a crisis of profligate and wanton spending you indulged yourself online using the joint account and know that any minute now the boxes will start to arrive.

If you are facing any of the lamentable situations above and need to renew, affirm, or pre-emptively re-dedicate yourself to your relationship, then give your man some Pink Nut Kisses. Most men only dream of a partner who surprises them when they come home with Pink Nut Kisses, but you can make his dreams come true! Offer them as soon as he walks in the door to maximize his surprise and delight! Soon enough, you might find he’ll request Pink Nut Kisses all the time. 

Go on – with your track record, it’s wise to indulge! 

Candies and Bonbons and How To Make Them, Marion Harris Neil, 1913

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