Monday, October 8, 2012

Picnic on Tatooine

It’s a quiet evening on Tatooine. One sun has set, and it’s starting to grow cold. Beru Lars pulls her cloak around her and moves closer to the fire. Her husband, Owen scans the horizon for Tusken raiders, but all appears clear. It’s been days since he last saw their tracks. They’ve had a decent year as moisture farmers and are celebrating with a picnic. Their adopted nephew, Luke Skywalker is fiddling with a piece of machinery. He’s always tinkering. He says one day — one day soon — he’ll leave and explore the universe. Maybe hitch a ride to another planet and find out what his destiny holds for him. His aunt and uncle exchange a silent glance. They’ve done their best, but know they can’t keep him safe forever. Tomorrow, Owen will take Luke with him to buy a couple of droids the Jawa traders have to sell. He hopes that they’ll distract him for a while.

Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking, Vol. 1, 1972

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