Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Scandinavians have influenced the lives of Westerners in immeasurable ways, most of them having to do with making things yourself. People who play with LEGO as children grow up to assemble furniture from IKEA.

IKEA, the globally ubiquitous home furnishings company, is the world’s third largest consumer of wood, which is surprising, since many people assume that their products are made from Smorgasbord.

The IKEA colors, blue and yellow, are seen on the cover of this book. That’s about the only thing that makes any sense about it. From the Art Deco and early computer-age typefaces to the jellied vegetable concoction bordered by white lines, it epitomizes the kind of random design aesthetic common of 1960’s cookbooks.

Indeed, the other books in the series — introductions to French, Italian and Mexican cooking — all have the same design elements. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, it all looks the same. 

McCall’s Introduction to Scandinavian Cooking, The McCall Publishing Company, 1960

Also from this book: Sardine Rabbit, Crock of Sh*t

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