Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gee, Thanks …

Let’s ignore, for a second, the jaw-defying “cookies” that girl is icing in the foreground, and pay attention to the phenomenal coiffure Mom is sporting in the back. Holy Smokes! It looks like Mama is wearing a drab olive polyester pantsuit with that giant lapel shirt! Is that a wig? Because I can’t fathom how long it must take to backcomb that hair to get it that high.

And how come in the Glorious Nineteenseventies people thought yellow ochre went with avocado and brown? And the kind of aggressively patterned wallpaper that ought to reserved for the bad boy room at the county jail?

OK, back to the cookies. Patty is too young and innocent to know what folks will do with her gifts. It’s just as well. We know.

Homemade Cookies Cookbook, Better Homes and Gardens, 1975
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