Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Appetite Special

Dear Jackie —

Was it you who told Mother that I wanted her to keep sending me these insulting letters? Thanks a million. I just got one this morning which suggested I was fat, spotty, pale and constipated.

Does she have any idea that winter in New York is ice cold and full of snow? Not exactly the perfect weather for salad. She included this lovely recipe for an appetizer mixing onion and pineapple with tomato and mayonnaise. Blech!

Please don’t encourage her. You know how she is. And what’s with her fixation with salads all of a sudden? Every single recipe she sends me seems to have Ivanhoe dressing on it too — has she become their spokesperson?

Your loving sister,
Maggie X

Salad Leaves, Harriet Meaker Osborne, Ivanhoe Foods Inc., 1930

 Also from this book: Return To Sender
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