Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh, Cryppys

Now that the skeleton of the last Plantagenet King, Richard III, has been located (beneath a car park in Leicester), we can ponder what he ate for his last meal.

It was probably breakfast. He had a long day ahead, what with having to do battle and all. In 1485, you weren’t excused from the gory part of ruling just because you were the King. There was no “get out of battle free” card just because you had numbers after your name. And to make matters worse, as the King, you were a rather obvious mark, especially when you had to wear a special target on your head (a circlet — a small crown) so that the enemy could identify you more easily.

Perhaps he was feeling a tad nervous and had an anxious tummy. Chances are he had a nice plate of cryppys to fortify him for the task ahead. People had been eating cryppys for a long time. Richard III wanted to continue to eat cryppys for a long time yet.

Sadly, for Richard III, he got the cryppys beat out of him on Bosworth Field. Specifically, he had the back of his head hacked off. Clearly, Henry Tudor didn’t want to waffle about. The House of Plantagenet may have been left in the dust, but the International House of Pancakes carried on, so that we can all enjoy eating some cryppys in the morning.

This recipe is from a book compiled in 1390, nearly 100 years before Richard III died.

The Forme Of Cury, 1390

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