Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fondue? Fondon't.

Oh Dear. This is very sad. These people have run out of food and have had to rely on serving a bowl of vomit and pieces of something they’re dipping into it on skewers. Perhaps their guests won’t notice because there’s clearly flirting going on. Look at how those fingers are suggestively curled around the metal….The recipe instructions say “Oops! The first one to drop his bread in the pot gives a kiss to the friend of his choice.”

(Why is it assumed to be the man who will drop his bread? And isn’t there a pretty high potential for abusing the fondue rule in order to kiss everyone? Or maybe just the one person. And what if she doesn’t want to be kissed? This could lead to violence in a jiffy — and they’re all armed with pointy sticks. So much for the Swiss being pacifists. What a crock of sh*t. Which incidentally brings us back to the photo.)

I wonder how long those apple slices wedged onto the mugs will stay there? Every tried to jam an apple slice onto a hard object? Let’s give special props to the food stylist who so carefully carved the notches out without breaking the apple. And for the all-red theme. Bravo.

On the next page are these lovely recipes for “Rabbit.” Not to be confused with the traditional “Welsh Rarebit.”

Cooking with Cheese, Better Homes and Gardens, 1971

Also from this book: Parsley Merkin
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