Monday, July 11, 2011

Top-Notch Turkey Loaf

 A recipe illustrating the old culinary adage: “if in doubt, grind up and squeeze into a loaf pan.”

This useful tip has saved many a housewife the terrible embarrassment of serving yet more turkey sandwiches after the holidays, and perhaps even the disdain of her family for a failure of imagination in the kitchen. Luckily, Better Homes and Gardens has come to the rescue with the masterful tome, Ground Meat Cook Book, most of which includes turning animal parts into something that looks like it came out of a can. Still, one must take into account delicate constitutions for whom meat whose source can still be determined is off-putting.

One of those tricks is to slather the meat product in sauce. Curiously, this particular example resembles what can happen if the person you’re serving has eaten just too much damn turkey and egg-nog in recent days.

It gives new meaning to recycling, doesn’t it? 

Ground Meat Cook Book, Better Homes and Gardens, 1969

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