Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Pooh Cook Book

Every now and then a perfectly good and decent cook book comes along with a very unfortunate title. Hopefully, the illustration on the cover will give you some idea what kind of Pooh this refers to (the bear kind) before you run screaming to your congressman about standards and censorship.

The title is actually rather genius, because as any parent of a 6 year-old knows, the excretory arts are a subject of unending interest and delight. Getting a little boy to help Mommy in the kitchen will be a breeze if she utilizes this book, especially if she pretends to be supercool and suggests they make something from the Book of Farts, say — which any child will scoff at as silly talk. Then she can deliver the gold: "You're right, Dear; how about we use The Pooh Cook Book instead?...."

The Pooh Cook Book, 1969
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