Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All Fired Up

What do you mean you’ve brought a gas grill and dinner’s ready? I’ve spent all day building this enormous fire! I had to cut down half the forest to collect the wood for it and I nearly lost the use of my arms trying to light it using the skills I learned in the Boy Scouts. I would say I’ve done a rather successful job, wouldn’t you? This beast will burn for days! Long after we’ve gone back to the city this sucker will be going strong! You can’t very well toast marshmallows over a gas grill, can you? You could roast an ox on this thing. Spaghetti? That’s not camping food! I was going to actually slay an ox! What is the point of coming out here at all if it isn’t to go back to nature and live as our ancestors did? Pass me a cigarette. This really ticks me off. Let’s take a vote: who’s hungry? Who would rather have some delicious freshly killed ox? It would be worth waiting for. Anyone?

Easy Skillet Meals, Better Homes and Gardens, 1972

Also from this book: Frying Tonight
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