Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Murder on the Orient Express

Dear Executives at Chun King Foods

Our graphics department came up with some truly exceptional drawings with which to illustrate your pamphlet, “American Oriental Foods.” I think you’ll agree that they set just the time tone and comply with the average American’s sense of humor. For example: your recipe for Mexicali (which is inspired, by the way). What better than to have a typical Mexican gentleman resting slumped against a wall in a sombrero and bare feet? Your readers will get the message that this recipe is authentic south-of-the-border fare. We even gave him a pointy mustache.

And we know you’ll love this, given the Oriental theme of the book as a whole: at every opportunity we’ve reminded your readers what this is all about by including Orientals engaged in the things Orientals do — like this happy rickshaw boy with his coolie hat and flip-flops joyfully pulling along a European tourist in front of — get this — a pagoda. For an added touch of veracity we added two birds flying into one another like you see on Chinese plates. We even gave him a pigtail and slanty eyes so you couldn’t mistake his nationality with anyone else.

With regards,
The Stereo-Type Design Co.

American Oriental Foods, Book Production Industries, 1961. 

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