Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thomas Kincade: Painter of Cakes

It is generally thought that the late Thomas Kincade called himself the “Painter of Light” because he wanted to steal the reputation of history’s first painter of light, JMW Turner — a connection Kincade was happy to promulgate.

However, it is a little known fact that he came up with the moniker (which he protected with a trademark) after spending his formative years as the “painter of cakes.” Working in frosting and fondant, he developed the skills upon which he built his empire.

Connoisseurs of his work will recognize Kincade’s signature handling of saccharine subject matter and subtle coloring, as well as the realism inherent in his trees and landscape work. It was while working at the bakery that he got the idea of becoming a “chocolate box” painter instead of simply painting chocolates.

Easy Cake Decorating Cookbook, Mildred Brand, 1980

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