Monday, April 30, 2012

Date Bombs

In case you ever wondered where the Chatroulette cycle would lead, it’s here. In order to protect yourself, good questions to ask your date might be the following:

  • Have you recently purchased a large freezer?

  • Hunting, you say?
  • How many kitchen knives do you own?
  • Do you have experience with chainsaws?
  • Oh yes? Doing what?
  • How long do your dates usually last?
  • Up to six months if properly treated?
  • How do you treat your dates?
  • Butter them up how?
  • Is “Yum” your usual response to a pretty woman?
  • No? “Tasty” is?

If the answers do not satisfy you, consider the date a bomb — before you get roughaged up.

Backpacker’s Cookbook, Margaret Cross and Jean Fiske, 1974

Also from this book: What A Jerk! 

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