Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Joy of Fondue

— You first.

— No, you first.

— I don’t want to.

— Chicken!

— It’s not chicken; it’s some chocolate stuff. I think.

— I meant — never mind.

— Last one in has to do the dishes.

. . .

— OK, no-one’s moved. Last one in has to drive home.

— But you guys live here. That’s not fair!

— Damn.

— How long does it take for this stuff to get cold?

— Not sure. Who wants another drink?

— Me.

— Me.

— Me.

— Think I’ll give it a pass. I feel a cold coming on. Maybe it’s the flu.

— Oh, thanks, thanks a LOT. You could have said something earlier before we all shared that last bowl.

— I wasn’t sure then. I’m feeling more sure now.

— That’s it. I’m done.

— What? You’re not even going to try it?

— Nah.

— But I have Hot Curried Fruit coming up next!

— Um . . . Nah.

 Fondue On The Menu, Golden Press, 1971

Also from this book: Raw Meat
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