Monday, September 19, 2011


Despite what it looks like, these Springtime Potatoes are not an example of something you’d find in a vomitorium. People spew forth from a vomitorium, not chunks of radish and cucumber in a sour cream and chive sauce. This is because to vomere is to exit, usually from an auditorum. We expect people to sleep in a dormitorium because dormaire means to sleep. Same thing. Vomit is short for vomitus, which when it involves Springtime Potatoes covered in a radish and cucumber in a sour cream and chive sauce is really emesis, for which you should take an emetic. Marijuana is a powerful anti-emetic, and can be found in most dorm rooms. Vomiting should not be confused with regurgitation, which is merely when undigested food comes back up into one’s mouth. Got it? Good.

Fix It Fast Cook Book, Better Homes and Gardens, 1979
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