Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stuffed Onions (And Peas)

Have trouble getting the kids to eat their peas? Have they reached that awkward stage between delighting in their greenness and roundness and the discovery that they can be flicked all into every corner of your dining room when your eyes are averted, and a full-on tantrum if any of the peas so much as touch another item on their plate?

All hope is not lost! This ingenious method of hiding the peas in the hollowed-out center of an onion is a sure-fire way of pulling the wool over their eyes. They’ll think they’re just eating a plain old onion, yet in the meantime they will have consumed an entire serving of peas! The piquant flavor of barely cooked onion masks the taste of peas like a dream — and since everything is spherical, it all feels the same once you put it in your mouth.

Works once — works twice — works every time!

Microwave Cooking Fruits & Vegetables, Publications Arts, Inc., 1981
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