Thursday, December 1, 2011

Potato Chip Sandwich / Chip Buttie

This seemingly simple, easy to follow recipe might, to the casual observer, look like a joke. It is not. For a start, the type of potato chip is not defined, and there are many to choose from. Are kettle-cooked chips best? Plain or salt and vinegar? Ruffled or flat?

In England, this sandwich is made with french fries instead of potato chips, big fat greasy ones, only they are called “chips,” not “fries,” and with butter instead of mayonnaise. It’s traditionally made on a slice of bread which is then folded in half over the chips, which makes it a “buttie,” rather than a “sandwich”; therefore it is known as a “chip buttie.”

The "Greasy Chip Buttie Song" is an anthem chanted with gusto by fans of the supporters of Sheffield United Football Club, though it has been adopted with various regional references by many football clubs, both in England and internationally. Its lyrics are as follows:

You fill up my senses
Like a gallon of Magnet
Like a packet of Woodbines
Like a good pinch of snuff
Like a night out in Sheffield
Like a greasy chip butty
Like Sheffield United
Come fill me again...
Na Na Na Naa Naa Naaaa, ooo!

(check video in the sidebar for a taste of how it sounds)

White Trash Cooking, Ernest Matthew Mickler, 10 Speed Press, 1986

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