Thursday, May 10, 2012

Down The Hatch!

Introducing the perfect set of chinaware for couples who don’t have the space to store actual plates and bowls! And who does, nowadays? All you really need is a set of wine glasses — after all, you can’t drink out of a saucer. Clean up’s a breeze when all of your dinnerware is the same shape!

Don’t worry if you have company — your guests are sure to recognize that what’s in their glasses are solids, not liquids. Give them a fork so they can dig in! Because glasses are transparent, guests can easily see what they are eating, especially if you put the garnish underneath, rather than on top, of the dish.

If you, too, are tired of endless prawn cocktail, try tuna instead. It’s all pink, so no-one will know the difference.

And we all know that minerals are an important part of your everyday diet. This recipe ensures that you get even more of your daily dose of both mercury (in the tuna) and lead (leached from the glass) than the government recommends!

Spectator Publications, Ltd. 
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