Monday, May 21, 2012

Women’s Lib

This is what men feared would happen when women decided they’d had enough of  staying at home and raising the kids, so demanded jobs in the workforce and were out all day long and burned their bras. On the one hand, the men liked the idea of no bras, and then they missed all that lingerie. They thought that maybe if they paid women less money than they got, the women would decide to go back home.

Instead, the women got around the problem of not being around to cook real meals by preparing ready-made, pre-packaged or frozen foods in their new microwave ovens. Eventually, the children came to think of this as normal and didn’t question the Kraft Mac & Cheese Hot Dog pyramid.

The women, on the other hand, thought that this dish was a symbolic representation of the home under a masculine hegemony, laughed a little inside, then ate a salad.

Kraft’s Main Dish Cook Book, Pillsbury Company, 1970

Also from this book: Suburbanites, Mariachi Supper
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