Thursday, January 26, 2012

All This and Rabbit Stew

This is a highly suspicious recipe because as we all know, rabbits don’t get creamed — their adversaries do. Bunnies are far too clever to let anyone get them in a cooking pot.

It was Avery who brought us “What’s up, Doc?”
It is a well-known fact that the genus Bugs is capable of eluding his enemies by the timely manipulation of the space-time continuum, defying all the known laws of physics. This is called cartooning.

Its principle architect and the rabbit’s chief abettor, went by the name of Tex Avery. In his hands, all things were possible. 

Alas, overcoming the perpetuation of the most grievous racial stereotypes of the day was not something he could do. 

Avery serves as an excellent example to offer when challenged to prove that the common parental admonition “you’ll put your eye out!” is an exaggeration. His own left eye was put out of commission by a paper clip during a spot of horseplay in the office.

He is buried in Forest Lawn cemetery in Hollywood, a place he can’t escape, unlike his characters, merely by making the grave a trick of the eye.

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