Friday, January 20, 2012

Gay Apparel

Hello, Sally?

Hi Susie!

I’d like to invite you to a luncheon this Saturday. My place. About noon?

That sounds swell!

Nothing fancy — tuna salad, finger sandwiches and brownies.

Can I bring a guest? I have a cousin who’s dying to meet new people. He is new to town and doesn’t get out much.

Why certainly! What’s his name?

Robert. Well, Bob. We all call him Bobby. He says Bobby is too butch, though, and that we might as well call him Bobby-Ann!

How funny! Is he cute?

He sure is. He’s very picky though — no girl is ever good enough for him.

Well maybe my luncheon will change all that! I’m asking Betty and Sunny and Jenny too.

He’ll love that! But what about us girls? Will there be any guys?

Jimmy said he might come, and Davy is going to drop by after baseball practice. And there's always my brother Howie. 

Oh, Bobby will be thrilled. He told me what he really needs to do is meet some boys. And he just got this blue sweater he’s been dying to show off.

Great! I’ll see you Saturday!


Front Cover
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Teen-Time Cooking, Mary Blake, Carnation Company, 1964

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