Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beer Cheese Soup

Ah…1948, possibly the last time it was possible to get away with selling the idea that a trailer could be your dream home, parked in a small lot on cheap land next to many other trailers occupied by like-minded individuals just wanting to get away from it all and relax without the burdensome toil of housekeeping. 

Why bother with a kitchen when all you really need is a microwave and can-opener? China plates chip over time, but paper ones can simply be used and tossed with ease. And who wouldn’t want to dine al fresco every day in the company of your neighbors, instead of having to sit bolt upright on hardback chairs around a dining table you’re afraid to scratch? You need never make a bed that folds away — or wear anything other than your most comfortable clothes because let’s face it: it isn’t like you’re going to run into your boss walking the dog are you? In Florida and the Southern States the weather is always sunny so you can do away with those bulky winter coats and shoes that take up so much closet space. Why, you can even go barefoot if you like! It’s like a permanent vacation!

Where was I? Oh yes: Beer Cheese Soup. Garnished with everybody’s favorite (and always on hand) popcorn! So easy to assemble and chances are you already have the ingredients in a box somewhere —perhaps the same box you keep the spare batteries and bandages in case of a hurricane. And if not, well it can’t be that long a walk to the nearest gas station where they are sure to have everything on hand. You, your spouse and four children can eat like kings any day of the week! 

Microwave Cooking Convenience Foods, Publication Arts, Inc., 1981

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