Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Imperial Strawberry Shortcake

To protect their community and ensure a successful growing season, the strawberries sacrificed the juiciest among them for a ritual offering made to the almighty Strawberry God.

For weeks, strawberry families contributed to the effort, some grinding flour for the cake, some milking cows for the cream, and some watching over their youngsters with an eye to which would look best all sliced up for the filling. Only virgin strawberries are chosen for the important upper layer, their pale insides slit open and cleaned of entrails, arranged in a circle facing the sun.

No living person has yet been able to witness the extraordinary ceremony whereby the vast Strawberry God himself appears before the assembled masses to survey the offering, UNTIL NOW.

You can sense the trembling fear felt by the fruit before judgment is passed. Will they have given their all in vain?

This Eyewitness To History moment brought to you by the Family Circle Dessert Cookbook of 1972.

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