Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mon Dieu — I’m stuffed!

This picture is a farce — in more ways than the one you’re probably thinking.

You may very well be entertained by the improbable pairings of protein and vegetable; you could even find the elaborate staging of the candle and flowers a satiric example of physical comedy. The poached eggs staring up like twin headlights from their sockets of hulled tomatoes appear to be praying for it all to end in some glorious plot twist. As such, it is a farce in the classical sense.

But it is also a farce in the culinary sense: in the language of classic French gastronomy, the term “farce” means “stuffed,” and these all are. It does shed new light on the Terducken, though, doesn't it? 

Kenmore Microwave Cooking, The Benjamin Company, Inc., 1984
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