Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brown, Glamorous Brown

Ah, brown. The color of romance, of love. The color of nature, but without the greens, and blues, reds, yellows, purples, oranges also found there. The color of mud, or wood. Brown, the color of excitement, of daring, of imagination. The color of earthworms and moths and English people’s teeth. Brown, the color that lights up the heart and mind and sets your loins on fire. Would that all things were brown, or shades of brown: raw sienna, burnt umber, mustards and ochre, tan, khaki and beige. Brown, glorious brown.

Behold how this hostess has paid homage to brown, pulling out her best pottery and brown tablecloth and a fat handful of cinnamon sticks, plus topping the cake with a hefty layer of brown sugar! Naughty minx! Even the flowers are brown. 

Make-Ahead Cook Book, Better Homes and Gardens, 1971
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