Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fried Brains

— Darling, I’m starving! What’s for dinner?

— Your favorite — brains!

— Oh yummy!

— How would you like them, dear? I have so many recipes I can’t decide.

— You know how I like them: fresh and bleeding.

— I have plenty. I’ve had no trouble getting them since the Apocalypse.

— The butcher we had before was rubbish.

— I know — really chewy, and he kept scratching.

— He left a nasty taste in my mouth.

— His wife was nice. But she's not there. 

— The new butcher is much better.

— Yes, he’s tender and delicious.

— He’ll give you anything you ask for. These brains, for instance. I believe they were his son's.

— Well, that’s jolly nice of him. Sweetheart, gimme a kiss with those lovely lips of yours…

— Here they are, but take them quick; I need my hand to stir the pot.

— Gotcha!

— Here: eat up. A mind's a terrible thing to waste. 

Cooking for Young Homemakers, Culinary Arts Institute, 1948

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