Saturday, October 29, 2011

Very Game

A game is a diversion undertaken for entertainment purposes, sometimes in order to teach a lesson, in which the participant(s) compete using mental and physical skill to reach a goal. A game can also be a con; a swindle. A gamer is one who plays games, or in contemporary parlance, engages in playing screen-based games, with him or herself and/or others. Game describes a target, as in “fair game” who has been selected for some kind of attack. Game is also the name for wild animal protein which requires hunting. Gamey refers to meat that has gone “off” or begun to taint, producing a richer smell and flavor. To be game is to be up for a challenge, especially if it involves a certain amount of personal risk. To endure or proceed gamely is to eschew such risk, often for the good of the group; to be a good sport.

The process of recovering venison which has begun to stink into a palatable meal, and then eating it, perhaps with your family, involves all of the above. It features gamey game being prepared gamely as a game, and consumed by game gamers gamely while engaging in what surely is a game game.

The Compleat Housewife, Eliza Smith, 1742

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