Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roast Bambi

Bambi, the charming Disney film of 1942 is both beautiful and violent. It depicts the destructive encroachment of humans upon a pastoral wonderland where animated forest creatures enact the grand cycle of life.

First, Bambi’s mother is killed by hunters. Over the winter, Bambi reaches sexual maturity and falls in love with a doe named Faline. When Faline is approached by a rival male who asserts himself upon her, Bambi has to get all up in his face and push him off a cliff to his death. The evil humans return to burn the forest down, forcing the young lovers to flee, but they are separated. Faline is pursued by a pack of ravenous dogs but Bambi comes to her rescue and breaks out his Kung Fu on them. Bambi is shot and falls into a ravine where he is found by his father who tells him not to be such a pansy and together they  seek refuge on an island to which, miraculously, Faline has also managed to escape. Bambi succeeds his father and becomes the leader of all the animals, and Faline gives birth to twins. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Stop me if any of this reminds you of the Star Wars storyline.

Bambi reigned supreme as a tearjerker assured to give young children nightmares until it was supplanted by ET. It is with this in mind that you may enjoy this recipe for baby deer. Yum.

Marion Harland’s Complete Cook Book, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1906

Also by Marion Harland: Stained, The Alternate Tale of Squirrel NutkinThe Wet Blanket of Discouragement

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