Monday, October 17, 2011

Protein Health Salad

And the first place prize for “Biggest Tossed Salad” goes to this lovely lady.

“I’m just so thrilled to win!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been trying for years but always fell short. This time I adjusted my recipe and it worked!”

When asked what the secret to her success was, she told us “Well, I just kept adding lettuce. Whereas before, I’d always thought in terms of what I’d feed my family, this time around I went whole-hog and used three whole heads!”

As to her scrumptious-looking extras, she admits they weren’t planned. “I sort of ran out of time, to be honest,” she said. “So I ended up just throwing the mushrooms in whole."The name of her creation is Protein Health Salad. "It sounded catchy and appetizing to me," she noted.

“My husband calls me the world’s biggest tosser as it is, so it’s nice to finally live up to the name!”

When asked what she plans to do with her prize money, she tells us she wants to invest in more dried flowers and the occasional jelly mould. Well done!

Favorite Recipes for Salads, Lane Publishing Co., 1979
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